Caribbean Snorkeling

Beautiful coral and colourful schools of fish, snorkelers find the Caribbean a natural choice.
Here is just a sample of some of the finest snorkeling spots in the Caribbean.

On the Caribbean Coast of Mexico, the Chankanaab National Park off Cozumel offers some clear and uncrowded waters, hundreds of colorful fish and spectacular reefs.

Two underwater parks outside Cancun - El Garrafon on Isla Mujeres and the reserve off the beach at Club Med both present great opportunities to see angelfish and sergeant majors as well as the splendid elkhorn and fan coral.

Bonaire's Marine Park provides excellent snorkeling. Swarms of fish looking to be handfed at Leonora's Reef and beautiful coral gardens and all sorts of marine creatures at Forest Reef and Ebo's Reef are highlights of the Park.
Snorkeling is also extremely popular in the Cayman Islands. Many aficionados believe that Little Cayman provides the very best snorkeling. Bloody Bay Point is particularly pleasing with shallows inhabited by exotic fish. Its tunnels and caves are visible to snorkelers. Wind Sock Reef has lovely specimens of sea fans, pillar coral and gorgonains. You may also see trumpetfish, filefish and barracuda here.

Curacao's Underwater Park is an excellent place to snorkel. Aided by trails and signs that identify marine species. Characterized by great visibility and coral reefs loaded with staghorn and gorgonians, teeming with snappers and wrassers. The occasional turtle can also be seen. You must go by boat to reach the park trail. Closer to shore there are excellent corals close to the surface in Knip Bay and Coral Cliff.

Off the western tip of Tobago, Buccoo Reef, attracts snorkelers to the vast area of coral heads just a few feet below the surface. You will see parrotfish, grunts, grouper and angelfish swimming among the forests of seafan, staghorn coral and white brain coral.

Providenciales, in the Turks and Caicos Islands, also has some wonderful snorkeling areas. Off Grace Bay is the Princess Alexandra National Park which has a trail. Although sometimes busy in season, those slightly more adventurous should walk west along Grace Bay to Smith's Reef where you can often swim with a turtle or two.

A snorkeler's paradise is Buck Island Reef National Monument in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Trail markers identify more than 300 species of marine life. Some of the best-preserved elkhorn and staghorn coral can be found at Fish Bowl Reef off St. John.

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