Secret beach of Sicily - Eraclea Minoa (Italia)

The coastline of Sicily measures some thousand kilometres and offers great variety of wide sandy beaches, remote tiny beaches, sheer cliffs, famous resorts, an atmosphere of ancient civilizations and the survival of centuries old traditions. Almoast all what i listed before we should live through visits Eraclea Minoa.

This secret place - Eraclea Minoa is 30 km faraway from Agrigento, near Capo Bianco hill. The area of Platani and Capo Bianco rivers stretches on a rocky promontory, once home to greek colonies. Territory around Heraclea Minoa is also an interesting archaeological park with beautiful long beaches. The wooded area is inhabited by foxes, weasels and duck-hawks.

From Agrigento to the coast of Eraclea Minoa:

From main road Agrigento - Sciacca turn to the left in direction of coast and camp Eraclea Minoa - 5 km. Westward up the coast you can see the ruins of Eraclea Minoa and white cliff of Capo Bianco. Camps are situated under with cliff in sparse pine forrest near sea. Perfect place for your picnic out on a carpet of fine sand. Near camp is a small shop with excellent bread from the local bakery.

Morning is the best time for trip. Capo Bianco is within easy reach in a half hour by walking the beach in the northwest direction. The ascent to the top of cliff is easy. From here is beautiful view to the sea and place for enjoy peacefull. The teritory belongs to the Nature Orientated Reserve of Torre Salsa. This is an uncontaminated territory with cliffs of gypsum intervene with limestone marl which are covered with layers of clay. The sea is crystal clear while its shallow waters are blooming with typical flora and fauna. The ancient watch-tower of Torre Salsa is situated in the very heart of the Reserve and dominates the top of a promontoryl.

Next place worth visiting are ancient ruins with great theatre. See also description bellow. After straining exploration sourroudnes of Eraclea Minoa it is finally time to cool off in the sea.

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